Tanya Sperling RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy


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Buy 5 Get 6 Individual Coaching Sessions

If you have a challenge to deal with or a topic that occupies your mind that can benefit from being highlighted together with an intuitive thinking partner, then this package will offer you the space and safety to look at the different sides of your question, with the luxury of 100% attention of your coach and total solutions focus. These sessions can become the long-seeked doors to your inner soul, conducted in the safety of your own home via Skype (with or without camera, depending on your preference) or in person, depending on your location.

There Is A Purpose To Life - Find Yours!

We will work together over a period of four months to uncover the purpose of your life, find ways to implement it in your daily life, so that you will move from daily stress and frustration to happiness and inner fulfilment.
10 Coaching sessions plus 3 Bonus sessions can be scheduled at the client's convenience to suit individual needs.
Once you know 'why' you are here, your journey will then become clear!